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Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center


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What can the Teaching and Learning Team do to help my district improve curriculum, instruction, and assessment?


The Teaching and Learning team provides three tiers of services and support to districts:

        1. Conduct an Ohio Learning Standards Alignment Audit for K – 12 Mathematics and English Language Arts to provide critical data on vertical and horizontal teaching of the standards in those content areas.  Using these results, along with other district data, the team assists district leadership in developing next steps for professional development and other supports at the district, building, and classroom levels.
        2. Provide customized professional development services, based on the analysis of multiple sources of data at the district, building, and classroom levels to ensure proper alignment, instruction, and assessment at every level.  The Team assists educators in implementing evidence-based practices in all areas of curriculum, instruction and assessment.  This support is uniquely designed to address each district’s specific needs.
        3. The team also offers coaching and intensive support to build on the customized services provided in  Tier 2.  Examples of topics for coaching could include disciplinary literacy training for teachers in science, social studies, and other content areas; coordinating analysis and revision of district, building, and/or classroom assessments; providing intensive assistance for individual teachers; or other areas as determined by the district.


  1. If your district is interested in learning more about services from the Teaching and Learning Team, please contact Lynn Meister, Director of Teaching and Learning, at meister.lynn@moesc.net or (419) 571-2128.  



  1. How is the Teaching and Learning Team assisting districts this Fall?


    • The Team completed Curriculum Standards Audits in five districts for K – 12 Mathematics and English Language Arts, and then met with district administrators to review detailed results and discuss next steps for professional development and coaching.  Teachers in these districts are looking forward to working with their data to revise their vertical and horizontal alignment of instruction and assessment, based on the standards. 
    • Team members are now scheduling and implementing customized professional development sessions and other assistance to buildings, small groups of teachers, and individuals in each district.  The focus of assistance for each building and content area is based on the district’s data from Mid-Ohio’s Standards Audit, the Local Report Card, Value Added, and other district assessments.  Professional development and coaching will continue throughout the school year in each district. 
    • Lynn Meister is attending three days of in-depth training October 8 – 10, 2019 to become one of Ohio’s Regional Data Leaders.  This will enable her to provide detailed assistance to districts on a variety of data sources.



        What opportunities are available for learning with my colleagues?


    • Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Networking Meetings
    • The first Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment meeting was held September 20, 2019.  The participants reviewed and discussed updates from the Ohio Department of Education for literacy and mathematics, and examined new resources that the state and recognized experts have recommended in those content areas.  The participants had time to network, share ideas, and gain insights from other districts. 
    • The next CIA meeting are : The remaining dates for CIA meetings are February 14 and April 24, 2020 at the Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center from 1:00 – 2:30 p.m.  We hope to see you there! 
      • We will examine and discuss: 1) the most current ODE materials in science and social studies; 2) how the new graduation rules will affect critical aspects of curriculum, instruction, and assessment; 3) ODE’s changes in foundational reading; and 4) “look-fors” to use during walkthroughs to determine if teachers are using appropriately using the modeling practices found in Ohio’s Standards in Mathematics.  There will also be opportunities for networking on a variety of topics.