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Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center



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Community School Policies



A.01 Mission and Strategic Plan.pdf 

A.02 Goals and Self-Evaluation.pdf 

A.03 Roles and Responsibilities.pdf 

A.04 Conflicts of Interest.pdf 

A.05 Staff Expertise.pdf 

A.06 Staff Development.pdf 

A.07 Allocation of Resources.pdf 

B.01 Application Process, Timeline and Directions.pdf 

B.02 Rigorous Criteria for New Schools.pdf 

B.03 Rigorous Criteria for Replicators and Schools Seeking a Change in Sponsor.pdf 

B.04 Reviewer Expertise.pdf 

B.05 Reviewer Protocols.pdf 

B.06 Rigorous Decision-Making.pdf 

C.03 Contract Amendment and Updates.pdf 

D.01 Oversight Transparency.pdf 

D.02 Enrollment and Financial Reviews.pdf 

D.03 On-Site Visits.pdf 

D.04 Site Visit Reports.pdf 

D.05 Performance Monitoring.pdf 

D.06 Intervention.pdf 

D.07 Annual Performance Reports.pdf 

E.01 Renewal Application.pdf 

E.02 Renewal and Non-Renewal Decisions.pdf 

E.03 Non-Renewal Notification.pdf 

E.04 Contract Termination.pdf 

E.05 Closure Process.pdf 

E.06 Renewal Reviewer Protocols.pdf 

F.01 Ongoing Technical Assistance.pdf 

F.02 Legal and Policy Updates.pdf 

F.03 Professional Development for Schools.pdf 

F.04 Relationships with Schools' Governing Authorities.pdf