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Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center


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Tips and FAQ


Creating a PDF 

If you do not have access to a scan to email device you can still create a pdf

Have you document or resource page on your screen   (save a copy just incase to your drive)

Choose   -   File   -   Export


This works with Power point and other titles too -  if you want to create a presentation and then save it as a PDF to share

Using the SNIPPING tool to copy into Power point or other applications

Snipping tool is a circle with blue sisors at the bottom of your screen in the task bar.

    **If it is not there click on the 4white boxes/Microsoft flag in the left corner of the screen and start typing SNIPP

    *** When snipping tool app is shown , right click on it and say add to the task bar 

Now you will have the snipping tool at the bottom of your screen for easy usage


Click on the icon and the snipping tool menu will be shown

Click on new the screen will dim and you draw the area of the image you want to create


 Once your image is complete then you click on File and Copy , Save or print that image

 This is a quick way to get information and photo you need into a power point or something to share with zoom


LOOK LOOK   In Word and Power point now you have Emoji Keyboard - insert items easily into your online presentations and notes

Choose Insert and far to the right you will see the icon for Emoji Keyboard - choose the item and choose the size 






CHECKING Voicemail from a phone

You can call in to hear you messages by phone

 Call 419-774-5520

When you hear the Greeting

Press *  then your extension number

Then enter your passcode followed by the #

You will be put into the voicemail system just like you are on your phone